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What is Billink?

Filing your tax returns is something no one finds effortless or stress-free. The process of complying with taxation norms, statutory due dates, and GST regulations is a tedious process rife with hassles. It’s also very time consuming. Then there’s the problem of accounting for every transaction, every bill manually, or using complex accounting software.It is no surprise then that your work invariably suffers because of the time spent in bookkeeping.

Up until now, there was no solution in sight. So, we decided to design a user-friendly App based interface to eliminate the problem, in the form of Billink.

Billink is an accounting platform that provides you with accurate, real time accounting services, similar to those of a CA, but without the hassle of hiring and managing one.

How Billink Works?

All you have to do is download the Billink App, and start clicking pictures of all your bills, invoices, and purchase slips.

In just a few taps, you can upload your expense proofs and bills onto the App, and the expert team of accountants at Billink will look after everything else.With the Billink easy accounting app you can even record all your sales with just as much ease.

The Billink App enables you to record personal expenses, and access your records real time, 24×7, in an easy to understand format.

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The Billink easy accounting app empowers businesses and business owners by making secure, reliable accounting and bookkeeping services available at just a few taps.You no longer need to save hardcopies of old bills till it is time for auditing.

Using Billink frees you from the struggle of looking for a part-time or full-time accountant.This in turn saves you significant money, which you can allocate elsewhere.

Billink also saves your productive business hours that you would otherwise spend sorting your accounts.


Accounting in a Snap

No need of enter an Invoice manually in any Accounting Software, just Click a Pic of an Invoice/ Upload a Copy of Invoices and send through BILLINK application. Your Invoice will be entered by an Expert of BILLINK.

Manual Entry made Quick

BILLINK’s Smart algorithm removes a headache to select so many ledgers to enter a simple invoice and let you enter an Invoice very Quick.

Advanced Search Engine

This Feature is very useful while Audit. BILLINK has advanced search engine by which you can find a Invoice copy of Physical Invoice captured and Accounting Entry made in Accounting Software.

Accounting on Your Palm

Now you can Enter an Accounting Transaction straight away from BILLINK Mobile Application. This is the most advanced feature of BILLINK.

Manage Multiple Company

Having a Multiple Company, no need to worry, BILLINK has a feature to get an Accounting done for All your Company real-time.

Multiple Users Functionality

Now you can restrict any user for any functionality on BILLINK to view or edit any Records.

Real time Integrations

This is the Most Advanced Features of BILLINK, integrate the data through the all your places and enter the transactions from any place, you will get the all entries at all your places on real time.

Various Reports

BILLINK enables you to generate various kind of report from Desktop application and Mobile Application to check the status of Debtors/creditors/bank/cash etc..

Accounting for Online Seller

Accounting for Online Seller

As part of Billink’s Accounting Services for Online Businesses, our team handles accounting from APIs with a private website, CSV / Excel based accounting, and accounting for e-Commerce portals.Billink Online Accounting Services also look after Reconciliation on the basis of Accounting.

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Accounting for Other Industries

Accounting for Other Industries

As part of Billink’s Accounting Services for Offline Businesses, our team of expert accountants assists you with Bookkeeping, Maintaining detailed accounts of every transaction, Ratio analysis, and other accounting reports that may be necessary for your business.

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